Being mean to papyrus and sans

images being mean to papyrus and sans

Perhaps he exhibits wrath when he kills the second child. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. The fact that papyrus is naive and the facts that papyrus obeys undyne are totally canon facts. That is, Asgore performed under his abilities, and evil was born out of it, which is the definition of sloth as I know it. Also, my vote is ketchup, because sans is a skeleton, determination isn't something you can just pop down and buy in a shop, there is no sign that Alphys keeps any amount in her lab, and why would she anyway?

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  • I tried to be as mean as I could in my second playthrough, and pretty much he always assumes you're talking about yourself, not him, and Sans. Because of this, I believe sans saw Papyrus welcoming him into heaven, so yeahHeaven and Hell probably exist in Undertale, but I'll stay out. Hell, even if he werent naive, just being obedient to undyne (and undyne not wanting Which means Papyrus does live relatively speaking.
    Posts: Chara is basically a demon anyway, especially if they were reincarnated as one.

    When Papyrus gets back, Gaster hastily shuts off the computer so Papyrus will not see his brother's diagnosis. Follow 3 Kudos. I think another sin.

    images being mean to papyrus and sans
    Papyrus is a skeleton who is relatively taller and slightly more slimmer than his older brother, Sans.

    He made a tough choice. And Flowey tells us that there are a lot of Flowey's on the Surface Original and murder, all that. I'm refusing to believe he's dead, though!

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    Dontcha find it weird that, despite being brothers, Sans is significantly stronger than Paps?

    images being mean to papyrus and sans

    I mean, Papyrus is the most enthusiastic one of the. Late to the discussion, I know, but about Papyrus being treated like a child by Sans and everyone - do you think he might push them to? I mean, if he can't bring. Read I didn't mean it Papyrus from the story Undertale: Genocide by Five minutes ago, I had seen my mother die by this being that's taken over my body.
    He knows you killed everyone else! This has led him to the brink of using his full power in Game Over Part 2, as he will do anything to protect his loved ones.

    Why doesn't Sans stop you from killing Papyrus Undertale General Discussions

    Papyrus then gets mildly annoyed, and says if Gaster's going then there's no reason he shouldn't go, and that Gaster said he was done looking for things. An idea or theory containing various conceptual elements, typically one considered to be subjective and not based on empirical evidence. Frisk then asks Papyrus why he treats everyone with kindness even when death is a possible result.

    Thats a loooong text

    images being mean to papyrus and sans
    Being mean to papyrus and sans
    Start a Wiki.

    Later in the animation, Papyrus was seen with Undyne, Asgore, and Jessica, when they arrived at Gaster's lab.

    images being mean to papyrus and sans

    Sloth is not lazyness, as I have stated it earlier. As for asking Papyrus, maybe it's an old habit. Here mentions that others depend on him to make them happy, so he hides his sadness to comfort them in a more effective way.

    Sans and Papyrus Undertale General Discussions

    He was then seen with Asriel before being arrested. He wanted monsters to have hope for the first time during his multi-millennia reign - and he's begging us to kill him at the end of the fight so that we alone can escape "this cursed place".

    Nothing close to the power of saving and resetting, but it is a notable attribute.

    Last edited by Aluminate ; 27 Sep, am. Not to mention again that you are trying to dodge the main point of the debate, why sans didnt got papyrus out of the danger. I think it was his last way of taunting you, calling out to his brother as if he's alive because he knows to you, he's just one reset away from coming back, and all the work you did in this genocide run will have been for naught.

    Think about it, he calls you at the end of the Genocide Route.

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    And, most importantly, would he just give up and use his Special Attack? I don't think Alphys would dare keep a large supply of the universe's most deadly poison.

    images being mean to papyrus and sans
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    We aren't given many Humans to look at in game, but we do know that, as The Player, we may do some pretty nasty stuff.

    Papyrus is totaly someone who comes to heaven. Originally posted by John StienBec :. Actually if you turn your game back on and wait like 10 minutes Papyrus was relieved because he said he could barely feel his brother soul. GetYourFix wrote: You are filled with de-termination!

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