Excursion vs 2500 suburban

images excursion vs 2500 suburban

Vendor Directory. The Suburban suspension gave me better feedback and the power steering seemed to mask less of what was happening under the tires. This is still the Excursion forum. Door seal on my 29XK. My vote: If you're doing a lot of towing with a big trailer get the Excursion, if not get the Chevy. Id rock a 1 ton straight axle sub with a Detroit! Hey at lest the Excursion has a purpose. But I had to state the facts about all 3 SUV's.

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  • Excursion - King of SUVs - Excursion vs Suburban - Ok so maybe I'm searching for this using the wrong words, but I am trying to figure out. Been looking at excursions with the V10, or a 3/4 ton burban.

    Excursion vs. () for family expeditions Expedition Portal

    Pluses and We have a Yukon XL with the We bought it to pull. Read the review of the Chevrolet Suburban vs. Ford Excursion, Ford Expedition, GMC Yukon, at Car and Driver.
    Never lacked for power or room and never passed up a gas station. On top of that, the Excursion has more torque then 8L Gas V8, which means more pickup on the low-end when accelerating, better mileage then a gas engine while towing, and a much smoother ride while towing.

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    The other purpose of the truck is to haul building materials part of the reason we are here is to add buildings and make changes over time to suit our various interests - just built a 30x40 workshop with a 12' lean-to off one side for the camper and generally to be a work truck for us.

    November I only know this because I own a 7.

    images excursion vs 2500 suburban

    images excursion vs 2500 suburban
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    We needed a vehicle that could get our family of 4 to the airport, pick up 2 adults and luggage and still be comfortable. Or do the combination and get a duraburb Duramax converted Suburban You can't accept more input without better output!

    Only ever known 1 person who owned one and it was a 90s Both are rated with lbs on the tongue with WDH.

    I have been thinking a Excursion would be the ideal vehicle to pull.

    Excursion vs 3/4 ton suburban

    Your options look to be Suburban or Excursion, in my opinion. The Suburban is a little smaller and alot lighter with a car like ride compared with the Excursion. Either one would pull the Jayco 29BHS with the ,V10 or. Suburban 3/4 ton vs. Who has an Excursion or Suburban who would be willing to share your Dodge Ram Cummins H.O.

    images excursion vs 2500 suburban

    I also thought I wanted buckets, but am very glad I found an example with the bench. Then let the towing begin!

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    I really don't think we'll part with the truck, either, as I am in the process of a lot of building projects and kitting up our workshop so I imagine it will be handy to have a go-anywhere truck for such things.

    The Ford Diesel is almost as good. As for using our F with a shell on the back, we considered that but my wife really wants to make sure the kids all have their spots because we are planning on being on the road a lot. Sure they will fit, but you want kido's to enjoy road trips, not moan about them and end up fighting most of the way.

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    images excursion vs 2500 suburban
    Excursion vs 2500 suburban
    I'm still looking hard for my perfect Excursion, but also on the look out for good Suburban deals.

    Don't think any crew cab truck is ideal for road trips with 6 people.

    Excursion vs Suburban Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

    This thread has been going on for almost 5 years? We tow over the mountain passes a fair amount, so needs to have some power.

    Originally Posted by nick Drive a diesel before you buy one.

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    1. My wife's Suburban is gadget friendly and has a lot to offer the driver. This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by Jayco, Inc.

    2. Don't forget the diesel excursion is warranted tomiles and will last a lot longer than a gas engine.

    3. Not that the Burb couldn't do it, there are some good suspension options like Cognito that can address most needs and is well engineered but we have tried to maintain ours as the family travel rig and therefore have kept it to 33's and flexible with what we use it for.