Ireceivables implementation manager

images ireceivables implementation manager

The Search list for transaction status in the Account Details page includes each of the active aging buckets as search criteria. Setup Tasks Using Rules The setup tasks for setting the discount grace days, if you are new to iReceivables are: Set the Discount Grace Days rule for an operating unit or customer site. Customize the print request messages - Users can customize the BPA print request messages according to requirements. You can review successful and failed payment attempts. To define iReceivables external user for Business-to-Consumer Setup, with access to one site or multiple customer sites, for a single customer: Select the Receivables Manager responsibility. In the Addresses tabbed region, choose the customer address that you want. To set this up, perform the following steps:. Choose the Bank Accounts button to assign a remittance bank to this payment method. See: Set Up Profiles. Click the workflow link available under Workflow Status column to view the workflow details.

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  • Note: For internal users performing implementation setup for iReceivables, add iReceivables Setup Select the Receivables Manager responsibility. Navigate. Related Topics. Setting Up, Oracle Receivables Implementation Guide. Setting Up Oracle Workflow, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.

    Configuring Oracle. Welcome to Release of the Oracle iReceivables Implementation Guide. Oracle Applications Manager features, and setting up printers and online help.
    Select the organization and click Setup Rules to set any rule.

    Oracle iReceivables Implementation Guide

    The page can be customized for external users. In the Security profile option, enter all the organizations that contain customer account data for which your external users should have access to. Enter the User Name and Password of the external user. For extended customer search, define lookup codes for the new customer search attributes. The anonymous login.

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    In the Method field, enter Automatic.

    images ireceivables implementation manager
    Ireceivables implementation manager
    Use the Customers - Standard window and the Customer Addresses window to assign iReceivables payment methods to specific customers and specific customer bill-to sites. Dynamic Site Verification Question provides the flexibility to define questions at the Site Verification rule.

    Enter a Name and Description.

    In addition to displaying the customer's latest account activity, the Account Details page can also display transaction descriptive flexfields and the context field values defined for them, if these flexfields are enabled in the Receivables Transactions window.

    In the Last field, choose the external user name that you entered in step 5 from the list of values. Some restrictions may apply to personalization changes due to the controller class.

    Account Number AR Rep Mktg Manager ATL ASIMS BSMITH Transaction Types Prime the System for Dispute Implementation; Oracle® iReceivables Implementation Guide Release 12 Part No.

    images ireceivables implementation manager

    . Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide Documentation Set: This documentation. E August Oracle ireceivables Implementation Guide, Release Part No. Oracle E-Business Suite System Administrator's Guide Documentation Set.
    If registration is successful, iReceivables creates a user account, assigns the user the customer contact role Self Service Userand forwards the information necessary to access customer account data.

    Select the organization for which you want to set the system parameter.

    Define the custom package as required. It does not update the existing information. This value gets reflected while calculating the Service Charge when a Credit Card Type is selected during payment.

    images ireceivables implementation manager

    Note: Whenever you make changes to customer data, these changes are not available to the iReceivables customer search engine until the next time that the concurrent program runs and recreates the interMedia index.

    images ireceivables implementation manager
    Ireceivables implementation manager
    In the Re-run Every field, enter 1 Day.

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    In the Build Compact Index? Use the checklist in this section to help you complete the appropriate setup steps in the correct order.

    To display transaction line-level flexfields in the Invoice page, click the Personalize Invoice Lines Table personalization link.

    In the Build Compact Index?

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    1. Depending on the volume of your customer data, the first run may take a fairly long time to complete.

    2. See: Define Function Security. Internal users have access to the full customer search capability to display customer information.