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Therefore, a reliable performance of ICs is essential. The factor that most influenced thickness, without considering interactions, also was peak temperature, followed by the number of solder flux applications. See Metallic Coating of Plastics, supra, for a description of an electroless copper plating method suitable for this procedure. New York: McGraw Hill, Three samples were used in each experiment. The desire to have a photodefinable material that is resistant to the compounds and conditions utilized in etching or metallization, and yet that is developed and subsequently stripped by an aqueous medium is a difficult combination of properties to satisfy. The process of claim 1 wherein said completion of said board includes the step of using said material as a mask for treating said underlying substrate. A variety of techniques are available for reducing the viscosity of the material to a more manageable level. Once the photoresist is delineated, it is generally cured with ultraviolet light to yield the desired physical and chemical properties for subsequent processing.

  • Analysis of Ball Soldering Parameters on the Properties of a BGA Packaged Semiconductor
  • EPA2 Printed circuit board fabrication Google Patents

  • a major concern on BTC component's solder joint reliability. .

    images jorge alberto solderable

    Special thanks to Manuel Haro and Jorge Alberto Aguilar for their help in the reliability study. Jorge Alberto Romero Alvarado.

    May 13, at PM.

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    images jorge alberto solderable

    Super Alloy 1 is a multi-metal solder that joins all white metals. It can also.

    Analysis of Ball Soldering Parameters on the Properties of a BGA Packaged Semiconductor

    Jorge Alberto Romero Alvarado. 13 Mei SSF-6 is high-strength 56% silver solder alloy. Super Alloy 1 is a multi-metal solder that joins all white metals.
    Generally, the reactive monomer constitutes between 10 and 70 weight percent of the photosensitive composition. The energy sensitive materials of the invention are suitably exposed in a desired pattern utilizing light in the wavelength range to nm. However, it was not possible to detect any relationship between the number of solder flux applications and shear stress.

    Materials Characterization.

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    Briefly, in the subtractive method a metal layer having a thickness of approximately 0. The process of claim 9 wherein said epoxy acrylate comprises.

    images jorge alberto solderable

    Electronic Packaging and Interconnection Handbook.

    images jorge alberto solderable
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    The higher the strength required to shear the sample, the higher its resistance and, therefore, this combination of levels of factors used in the experiment provides the highest shear stress to the solder joint formed between the solder ball and the substrate.

    Considering the factors separately, that is, without the interactions, it was possible to observe that the factor that most significantly influenced shear stress and intermetallic compound thickness was peak temperature, followed by the number of solder flux applications and preheating rate. How to cite this article. Another means for reducing viscosity involves the use of a reactive mono or multifunctional monomer, i.

    Optimization of the reflow soldering process with multiple quality characteristics in ball grid array packaging by using the grey-based Taguchi method.

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    See the complete profile. I try to dismantle ECs from PCBs to reuse some ECs, to recover solder, Cu and resin. Then, base and valuable. Jorge Alberto Soares Tenorio · Denise Crocce. For example, solder masks and resists based on these materials are Other languages: German: French; Inventor: Jose Alberto Ors: Frederick Richard Wight .
    For example, a product represented by the formula.

    The tests were carried out using a multipurpose bondtesterNordson Dage.

    EPA2 Printed circuit board fabrication Google Patents

    Mechanical property and fracture behavior characterizations of In addition, solder alloys are subjected to shear stress during operation. The mask material was spread using a threaded rod with 40 threads per inch. The particular acid anhydride utilized to react with the epoxy acrylate is not critical.

    images jorge alberto solderable
    Jorge alberto solderable
    Similarly, a solder mask must be heat insensitive to endure the soldering process and have suitable electrical properties to prevent shorting between metallized regions.

    Lead-free Solders in Microelectronics. For photoresist applications lower functional monomers are preferred because they yield materials that are easier to strip. The solder mask from Example 2 was applied to a printed circuit board with a glass reinforced epoxy substrate and a copper metallization in an IPC number B test pattern. The factors that most influenced the characteristics measured were four, among which those that could be measured or vary during the process.

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