Judgment day 2008 undertaker news

images judgment day 2008 undertaker news

Over the next few weeks Chris Jericho would change his mind and accept that Michaels was injured in the match. Chris Jericho John Layfield Cena goes at Judgment Day events. Bradshaw applies a headlock but gets caught with a drop toe hold and Cena attempts the STFU but Bradshaw is very quick to the get to the ropes. A big PPV return win for Hardy who has just come back from serving a 60 day suspension for failing a drug test. Triple H then grabs the chair but Orton hits him with a low blow. Use the HTML below. Michaels then hits an atomic drop, some chops and a flying forearm but Jericho catches Michaels and locks on the walls of Jericho! The rest of the PPV was strong as well. Jericho offers a handshake after the match and the two men respectively shake hands.

  • The Undertaker vs Edge WWE Judgment Day () full match video dailymotion
  • Judgement Day Results & Coverage Edge vs. The Undertaker
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  • Judgment Day WWE
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  • The Undertaker vs Edge WWE Judgment Day () full match video dailymotion

    I know some of the Mania angles are still ongoing (HHH/Orton, Edge/Undertaker) but that's about it. This was the tenth Judgment Day PPV. In a high-risk WWE Championship Steel Cage Match at Judgment Dayreigning titleholder Triple H collided with former friend and bitter rival Randy Orton. HBK vs Y2J. Woman's title match: Beth Phoenix vs Mickie James vs Melina. World title math: Undertaker vs Edge.

    Judgement Day Results & Coverage Edge vs. The Undertaker

    Steel cage WWE title match: HHH vs Randy .
    Cena hooks the leg and gets the 3! Nobody has lost as many PPV matches as Kane. This is only the second pay per view match between these two men. Todd asks Mickie how her date with John Cena went and Mickie says it went good.

    Judgment Day – bastionblogger

    Good match between these two teams. That fires up Jericho who hits Michaels with lefts and rights.

    images judgment day 2008 undertaker news

    images judgment day 2008 undertaker news
    Judgment day 2008 undertaker news
    Triple H gets up to the top of the cage and drags Orton back in again.

    Miz hits a big running clothesline in the corner and tags Morrison back in. MVP elbows his way out of the hammerlock and then looks to hit a clothesline but Jeff ducks it and MVP falls to the outside. Styles, Joe Anoa'i. Michael Cole and Mick Foley are ringside for Smackdown.

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    Shawn Michaels is backstage when Batista shows up. I could only really see Cena winning this match.

    Get the latest Wrestling News, WWE News, AEW News, ROH and NJPW news, SummerSlam Results, Also featuring live event coverage.

    Judgment Day WWE

    This led to The Undertaker returning to action at SummerSlam and competing in what many have labelled the last great Hell in a Cell match. L'édition de Judgment Day est une manifestation de catch (lutte professionnelle) À Backlash, l'Undertaker a battu Edge pour conserver le titre grâce à son Hell's Gate, une prise qui peut provoquer .

    images judgment day 2008 undertaker news

    World Wrestling Entertainment, 12 mai (consulté le 17 juin ); ↑ (en) Benjamin Tucker, «WWE News: Over.
    Womans title math: Mickie James vs Katie Lee. Vickie then announced that The Undertaker would get a shot at the vacant title at Judgment Day against the winner of a championship chase which initially appeared to be Batista but Edge would be announced as a late entrant, eliminating Batista from a battle royal to win his place into the title match at Judgment Day.

    MVP looks to keep Jeff grounded but Hardy applies a hammerlock. Previous Previous post: Backlash Documentary Action Biography.

    Review WWE Judgment Day DVD Wrestling DVD Network

    Edge goes for a cover but Undertaker instinctively looks to lock on the chokehold but then stops himself as the move has been banned.

    images judgment day 2008 undertaker news
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    images judgment day 2008 undertaker news

    Porter needs to show some improvement if he needs to be taken seriously and I predicted last year that he would be WWE champ in 1 year, how wrong was I. Undertaker takes a long time to get to his feet and Edge hits him with a spear for a near fall! Miz slips down the back and tags in Morrison who hits a neckbreaker on the big red machine and then tags Miz back in.

    Layfield hits lefts and rights and continues to work the left arm of Cena before hitting a swinging neckbreaker.

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    1. Genres: Sport. Randy Orton comes out to new entrance music which is much better and fitting of him.

    2. Orton knocks Triple H down to the mat but Triple H hangs on to Ortons leg and pulls him down to the mat. Yes No Report this.