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Helbling e-zone is the state-of-the-art interactive learning environment. Newsletter We found that Helbling-ezone. By using our hpmework, you agree to our use of cookies. The four language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing are fully integrated around the given topic of the unit. For this reason the book is divided into four parts: Reading and Use of EnglishWritingListening and Speakingwhich reflect the four parts of the exam.

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    Of course, assigning cyber homework to groups of students will still be possible. Sarnecka, a mother, the most surprising finding was that mothers rated every situation as more dangerous than fathers did.

    images more online heibling e zone

    For assistance please contact supporthelbling. All exercises from the Cyber Homework in self-study mode. It is highly practical, and targets the needs of learners who are under a lot of time pressure and want results fast.

    images more online heibling e zone
    More online heibling e zone
    There are also resources and interactive activities for single student access in the Online Training like Cyber Homework which offers interactive activities assigned by the teacher within the virtual classroom.


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    The activities are engaging, especially thanks to dialogue karaoke videos which offer an exciting way to practise real language. Then follows the productive skills stage in the Get ready section: a writing or speaking task; the latter involving mainly pair work.


    At the end of the book there are some additional language activities Play Station 2and an idea for a project Play Station Project.

    Team teaching: You can manage the course with other teachers in your school.

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    images more online heibling e zone

    For teachers.
    Homework is corrected automatically and teachers can directly message their students online. The book is part one of a practical two-level course which is aimed at intermediate learners who want to perfect their speaking skills in a professional context at work. Detailed reports about the activities of each individual student.

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    images more online heibling e zone
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    Cyber Cybed to go. Where can I find the Helbling apps?

    images more online heibling e zone

    Enter your email address and click on Submit. The users of the dictionary get a lot of support on how to use the dictionary thanks to a very informative introduction which contains a guide to the entries, vocabulary features, a list and explanation of grammatical notations, and a guide to the phonemic script to ensure good pronunciation of the individual words. All exercises from the Cyber Homework in self-study mode.

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    1. The course addresses contemporary themes and through these topics presents grammar structures and lexis, and teaches the four language skills. The first edition of the book was published inthe next ones inandand without doubt they have had a great influence on teacher education worldwide.