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images santocanale luigis italian

We prove that the standard modal language and our r -based one are effectively equi-expressive, meaning that there are effective translations in both directions. Goranko and M. For an arbitrary category, we consider the least class of functors containing the projections and closed under finite products, finite coproducts, parameterized initial algebras and parameterized final coalgebras, i. Algebraic and combinatorial aspects of permutohedra. Beklemishev, V. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic5Feb.

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    Sabine Frittella, Alessandra Palmigiano, Luigi Santocanale. Computer Science LogicSepTorino, Italy. pp, ⟨/LIPIcs.

    Luigi Santocanale

    Je suis professeur à Aix-Marseille Université et membre du LIS, Laboratoire d' Informatique et Systèmes, UMR CNRS Je suis membre de l'équipe LIRICA .
    Allwein - J. The continuous weak order. However, the rather special properties of these free categories -- and, thus, of two-way communication -- allow one to devise a tractable algorithm for equality.

    As this measure is defined by means of games, game theoretic ideas naturally lead to design polynomial algorithms that, for fixed kdecide the problem. Fixed-point elimination in the Intuitionistic Propositional Calculus. Varieties of lattices with geometric descriptions.

    images santocanale luigis italian
    Santocanale luigis italian
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    On the join dependency relation in multinomial lattices. This construction, which contains the poset Clop e of all clopen sets, is a common generalization of known notions such as the generalized permutohedron on a partially ordered set on the one hand, and the bipartition lattice on a set on the other hand.

    images santocanale luigis italian

    Configurations, ordered by subset inclusion, form a poset whose Hasse diagram codes the state-transition graph of the process. Let A be a set of column's names and D be a set of cell values; we characterize the dual space of the relational lattice R DA by means of a generalized ultrametric space, whose elements are the functions from A to Dwith the P A -valued distance being the Hamming one but lifted to subsets of A.

    These varieties might be considered as generalizations of the variety of distributive lattices which, as a matter of fact, coincides with D 0.

    Luigi Santocanale, publications [2], L. Santocanale and M. J. Gouveia. of the Workshop on Fixed Point in Computer Science, FICS '01, (Florence, Italy.

    Luigi Santocanale | Read 73 publications, and contact Luigi Santocanale on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Univ.

    images santocanale luigis italian

    degli Studi, MI, Italy. Luigi Santocanale: 7th Workshop on Fixed Points in Computer Science, FICSBrno, Czech Republic, AugustLaboratoire d'Informatique.
    Induction, coinduction, and adjoints.

    Advances in Applied MathematicsElsevier,51 3pp. Our main result is: the category of presentations is dually equivalent to the category of finite lattice. Order24 3Aug.

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    We are interested in the problem of deciding whether a graph has entanglement at most k. Finally, we argue that these equations correspond to combinatorial properties of the dual spaces of lattices, in a technical sense analogous of correspondence theory in modal logic.

    images santocanale luigis italian

    Theorem B.

    images santocanale luigis italian
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    The nice labelling problem asks to minimize the cardinality of the alphabet.

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    Advances in Applied MathematicsElsevier,51 3pp. We prove that the standard modal language and our r -based one are effectively equi-expressive, meaning that there are effective translations in both directions. We prove that every finitary polynomial endofunctor of a category C has a final coalgebra, provided that C is locally Cartesian closed, it has finite coproducts and is an extensive category, it has a natural number object.

    We prove that every finitary polynomial endofunctor of a category C has a final coalgebra if C is locally Cartesian closed, has finite disjoint coproducts and a natural number object.

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    CV HAL Luigi Santocanale, publications

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    Blessed Luigi Caburlotto (7 June – 6 July ) was an Italian priest and was the founder of the Daughters of Saint Joseph. Caburlotto was cleared for. Milan, Italy 2 CEMAT-CIˆENCIAS, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, UMRAix-Marseille Université, Marseille, France anale.
    History and P. Vardi and A. Relational semantics for distributive linear logic.

    We illustrate further use of these semantics within the theory of fixed points over finite lattices: we generalize, in a non-trivial way, the well known fact that least fixed points on distributive lattice terms can be eliminated.

    The implication operation of a closed structure is not monotonic in one of its variables; we show that the existence of such a term that does not preserve the order is an essential condition for defining by equations the least prefixed point. Moreover we prove that closure ordinals are closed under ordinal sum. Ghilardi, M.

    images santocanale luigis italian
    Santocanale luigis italian
    As done by Berwanger et al.

    History and P. We reconstruct the syntax and semantics of monotone modal logic, in the style of Moss' coalgebraic logic. There exists a lattice identity that holds in all P nbut that fails in a certain element lattice.

    The set of permutations on a finite set can be given the lattice structure known as the weak Bruhat order.

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    1. The clique complexes of the graphs G n are disks n even and spheres n odd in increasing dimensions. On the join dependency relation in multinomial lattices Congruences of Multinomial Lattices.

    2. We investigate structural properties of these lattices, which are self-dual and not distributive. Boudabbous and N.