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Fuel efficiencyengine RPM, and available power goes down rapidly if the air filter is dirty. Safety decals should be replaced if they are missing or illegible. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? NOTE: if properly adjusted the motion control levers will return to neutral from the reverse position and reverse motion will stop if levers are released. Yhe only thing close to the same between the Exmark and the Yazoo Kees is the Address and possibly the tires. Be sure to tie down the mower to the trailer. If you have any questions pert aining to your mower cont act your dealer.

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  • Yazoo/Kees ZT MAX ZKHP User Manual • Specifications • Yazoo/Kees Gardening equipment. Yazoo-Kees Kees-Zt-Max-ZkhUsers-Manual yazoo-kees-zt-max- zkhusers-manual yazoo-kees pdf.

    Model ZKWQL, hours on meter, 60" cut, Kawasaki FHV gas engine17 HP, 11x front tires, 20x rear tires, Serial
    Other geases are not compatible. Safety interlock system: Check daily and never operate the mower if this system is not.

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    Inspections: For information about inspecting this item, please contact Tom at lowetom yahoo. Use only authentic KEES replacement parts to insure the safety and quality of your mower.

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    Start the engine.

    images zt max yazoo kees
    Can anyone provide any feedback on a Yazoo mower?

    Use caution when backing up. Pump bypass valves open. Pressure for all four tires is 15 psi. Park brake: Located at the left end of the console.

    Is anyone using(or demoed) the Yazoo/Kees ZT Max.

    images zt max yazoo kees

    I was looking at the 61" with a 25 Kohler today at my local CT dealer($). It looks to. I am looking at a Yazoo/Kees ZT Max, 25HP Kohler, 61" Deck, with hours. Price is $ I have a little over 5 acres to mow, flat with. User manual for the device Yazoo/Kees ZT MAX ZKH Online user manual database.
    Fuel shut off valve: Located on the front of console at the top of the kick plate.

    Put a light coat of clean oil on the filter gasket before. Be thoroughly familiar with all controls their function and how to operate them before operat. If unequal, adjust upper chain bolt in slot. Release p ark brake and measure the length of the spring. If blades get bent, re.

    images zt max yazoo kees

    images zt max yazoo kees
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    Thoroughly clean around.

    Normally filled with Quaker S tate 10W30 and ran in at the factory.

    The reverse spring detent must be adjusted correctly before the motion control linkages may. Position mower on a flat surface and stop engine. Spark plug wires off. Inspect the mower for any.

    Fuel filter Summary of the content on the page No. T ilt. Hardware: Stop engine and remove key thoroughly inspect the entire machine for any.

    Check electrolyte level. Release park brake to allow wheels to rotate. The factory uses Quaker State Deluxe.

    Yazoo/Kees ZT MAX ZKH user manual Solve your problem

    images zt max yazoo kees
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    Ai Summary of the content on the page No. Map Information: Location Hillsdale, KS Questions, inspection and removal Item location address: This item is located near Hillsdale, KS Item-specific questions: For information related to this specific item, please contact Tom at lowetom yahoo.

    The starter should crank only when the operator is in the seat, the park. Thoroughly inspect the area to be mowed and remove all stones, sticks, wire and other. The owner must understand these instructions, and must allow only trained persons who understand these instructions to operate the mower.

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